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Leaf Lohas Concept

LOHAS is the buzzword in healthy living globally representing the essence of Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability.

We are living in a modern age of driving sustainability, in a world of infinite needs and adopting a healthy lifestyle in a fast-changing environment.


Tea drinking and appreciation has long been regarded a form of healthy living among the royalties and eventually among folks from all walks of life. It is now within reach to all who wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle in tea drinking and appreciation.


We are a boutique tea-room offering tea, which is further enhanced by our selections of homemade desserts and some lifestyle accessories.
Leaf Lohas Founder

Our Tea Sommelier

YC Yap

To achieve an environment at such, Leaf Lohas is the brainchild and showcase of our very own critically acclaimed designer, YC Yap who is also the founder of Leaf Lohas.

With over 30 years of experience in Interior Design, and his passion for Tea Art and Tea Appreciation, he believes in the ‘simplicity’ lifestyle where one can relax in an ambience of ‘less is more’. Here where we can find tranquility and comfort when meeting our clients or friends.

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